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stone crushing production line-ChangChun China

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Basalt Introduction


Basalt’s chemical composition is similar as gabbro’s, SiO2 content of basalt is between 45%-52%, K2O+Na2O content is more than instrusive

rock,Fe2O3+FeO and MgO content are less than instrusive rock. It’s primary mineral composition composed of mafic feldspar and pyroxene,

secondary mineral composition of olivine, hornblende, biotite and so on. Basalt’s density is higher than other normal rock, vecicular structure

and amygdaloidal structure spread all over.


 stone crushing production Introduction


Follow the requests of client in Jilin province, our company designed a production line with CGE series jaw crusher, cone crusher, CGF1515 series impact crusher,

CYK2470 4tiers screen, the capacity reach up to 2000m3 ,this system meets client’s requirements completely.

As a high performance complete sets of production line provider since 1994, we supplied more than 10 tons high quality wear-resistant parts for our clients over the
world.Since 2009, our company put China market opening up as key point and supplied clients more advance equipments. Our products constitute a complete
crushing system thatgot a win-win situation for clients and us.

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