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Iron ore crushing plant -Ri Zhao China

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Iron ore crushing plant Introduction

The customer needed to crush iron ore materials which lied in harbor at Shandong Province. Capacity is 350t/h and final products are 0-10mm, 10-40mm size. Now the iron ore plant normally consists of jaw crusher and hammer crusher, but this production pattern means waster of vast raw material and increasing cost. Chuangshen selected jaw crusher, cone crusher and fine crusher production pattern according to the cost, principle of crusher and characteristic of raw material. This iron ore plant finally achieved to high efficiency, low cost and makes more profits to customer. Considering the higher water content of raw materials, selecting BW120-8 feeder is sure the even-distributed iron ore raw materials; the primary crushing stage used CGE300 jaw crusher with discharge opening 100-170mm, then the reduced materials enter into CYK2870*3 inclined screens; the secondary crushing stage used CPYQ1232 cone crusher with discharge opening 25-40mm, then the reduced materials enter into CYK2870*3 forming the closed crushing; the tertiary crushing stage use CPYQ1212 cone crushing with discharge opening 5mm, then the reduced materials enter into CYK2870*3 also forming the closed crushing; all reduced materials finally enter into CYK2870*3, come out 0-10, 10-40mm two kinds of produce size. The whole iron ore plant cover less area, equal distribution of load.


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