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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

CSCB Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher (also called sand making machine), is a type of fine crusher that is designed on the principle of impact, grinding and cutting. It adopts the most advanced technologies in design to achieve high performance. It is appropriate for various industrial and mining projects (normally excluding materials with high moisture and stickness), and is especially suitable for hard and brittle materials, as well as materials with high rigidity and high abrasiveness. 

Product Specifications

I. Features of CSCB Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
1. Dual motor with a powerful driving force and higher volume of production.
2. The two types of cavities -“stone-strike-stone”, “stone- strike-iron”-can be interchanged easily. For sand making and material reshaping only need to change the feeder hopper and the pulley of crusher.
3. The separated hydraulic hoist device simplifies the replacement of impact plate and inside/outside rotor blades, and decreases downtime.
4. Rotors with different quantity of hammerheads can meet different requirements.
5. Thin oil lubrication system guarantees a good bearing cooling and a long service life span.

6. The crusher is equiped with vibration sensor for the users to monitor the working conditions of the equipment.

II. Specification of CSCB Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Model Max Feed Size(mm)  Impeller Speed(r/min)
(excluding motor)
CSCB-850 40 1230-1560 200-330  200x2(132x2, 160x2, 220x2) 11300
CSCBF-850 40 1230-1560  200-330 200x2(132x2, 160x2, 220x2) 13900
CSCBL-850 40 1230-1560  240-400  200x2(132x2, 160x2, 220x2) 11400
CSCB-1000 50 1070-1310  280-540 220x2(160x2, 200x2, 250x2) 13900
CSCBF-1000 50 1070-1310  280-540 220x2(160x2, 200x2, 250x2) 16500
CSCBL-1000 50 1070-1310  330-620 220x2(160x2, 200x2, 250x2) 14000
CSCB-1200 60 940-1100  380-660 250x2(200x2, 220x2, 280x2) 15600
CSCBF-1200 60 940-1100   380-660 250x2(200x2, 220x2, 280x2) 18100
CSCBL-1200 60 940-1100  460-760 250x2(200x2, 220x2, 280x2) 15700
CSCKF-1250 150 745-1050  500-700 250x2 ( 220x2, 280x2) 23000

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