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Jaw Crusher

CGE Jaw Crusher

CGE Jaw Crusher is a kind of deep cavity compound pendulum jaw crusher, produced by using advanced foreign technology. It is one of the most commonly used crushers in the mining and quarry industry and is widely used in primary and secondary crushing of various kinds of stones and rocks with compressive strength less than 350MPa. The properties of the CGE series crusher are of international standards.The specially processed fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side plate have a much longer service life span than traditional manganese plates by using superior wear-resistant materials. 

Product Specifications

I. Features of CGE Jaw Crusher
1. Features of Small CGE Jaw Crusher below CGE-350
Deep cavity( Deeper crushing cavity than common jaw crushers ), taller frame and larger capacity than common jaw crushers. Tenon type welding frame makes the crusher stronger than the integrated casting frame. In the rear of the frame, there is a hydraulic cylinder used for repairing.This makes maintenance easy and convenient. Hydraulic device adjusts the discharge size.
2. Features of Large CGE Jaw Crusher above CGE-400
Adpoting the frozen steel pin joint assembly process, improves the loading capacity of the equipment.The frame will not crack, nor deform, and has a longer service life span. The frame can be disassembled into parts, transported underground and be reassembled. It uses the hydraulic double wedge-type adjustment system to adjust the discharge size, which improves automation, and can quickly and easily adjust the discharge size and clean the cavity.

II. Specifications of CGE Jaw Crusher

Model Feed Opening Size (WxL)(mm) Max Feed Size(mm)  Discharge Size(mm)
(excluding motor)
CGE-100 550x910 450 70-130 54-150 75 11000
CGE-200 630x910 500 65-195 125-290 90 15500
CGE-300 760x1065 650 100-170 210-420 132 28000
CGE-350 860x1065 750 200-270 240-500 132 28600
CGE-400 910x1230 750 100-250 280-570 160 45000
CGE-500 1060x1220 900 100-300 300-650 200 56700
CGE-600 1070x1400 900 100-300 395-720 200 58000
CGE-800 1200x1630 1020 150-350 500-900 250 80100
CGE-1000 1500x2000 1300 150-350 750-1400 400 150000

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