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Hammer Crusher

CPW Hammer Crusher

High-efficiency single-stage hammer crusher is an improved new-generation primary crusher based on single-stage hammer crusher techonology. It is designed by combining the characteristics of materials with medium and low hardness, such as limestone . The most outstanding features of the efficient single-stage hammer crusher are large throughput, and high yield.

Product Specifications

I. Features of CPW Hammer Crusher
1. High crushing ratio, single-stage crushing, compact structure, large capacity.
2. Fixed crushing cavity, high rigidity, easy to fasten and maintain.
3. With long crushing cavity, the crusher can completely crush and reshape materials.
4. For features of no-grate, no-grinding and low over-crushing ratio, the crusher has high qualified final products. No-block makes it suitable for wet materials.
5. Rotor with multi-protection can avoid great accidents in case the hammer plate break.
6. Easy adjustment.
7. The crusher’s racks can be opened. It’s easy to replace wom out parts of the liner.

II. Specifications of CPW Hammer Crusher

Model  Rotor Diameter*Legth(mm) Feed Size(mm) Main Shaft Speed(RPM) Discharge Size(mm)
CPW-1413 1455x1300 600x600x700 520 50-80 160-300 185 22656
CPW-1616 1630x1540 750x750x800 463 100 330-500 250x2 35000
CPW-1818 1830x1810 800x800x1000 390 100 650-800 400x2 57700


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