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Hammer Crusher

CPKW Reversible No-grate Hammer Crusher

Reversible no-grate hammer crusher is an innovative hammer crusher. It is named after its two most outstanding features of no-grate and reversible rotation of rotor. It’s advantages include: no-grate, high crushing ratio, high capacity, low over-crushing ratio, reversible rotor, longer service life span of hammerheads, and low running cost, etc. It solves the problem of wet materials block, enhances the utilization rate of hammerheads, reduces the frequency of changing hammerheads, and ensures even granularity of final product. 

Product Specifications

I.Features of CPKW Hammer Crusher
1. Hammers can crush materials completely.
2. A large quantity of impact plates with high impact force and crushing frequency.
3. Reversible rotors can change the crushing direction to extend the life-span of hammers and impact plates.
4. High rotation speed and capacity; this leads to effective and up to standard crushing.
5. With features of no-grate, no-grinding and low over-crushing ratio, the crusher has high qualified final products. No-block makes it suitable for wet materials and middle & high.

II.Specifications of CPKW Hammer Crusher

  Model Rotor Diammter*Rotor  Lenght(mm)
Rotor Speed
Max Feed Size (mm)  Discharge Size(mm)
CPKW-0908 Φ900x800 1000 100 3—10 20—65 75 6420
CPKW-1012 Φ1000x1200 985 100 3—6 40—75 132 9500
CPKW-1214II Φ1200x1400 1000 100 3—6 60—120 220 14710
CPKW-1416 Φ1400x1600 750 100 3—6 80—160 280 28847  Hard rock
CPKW-1618 Φ1600x1800 685 100 3—6 180—200 400 32663  Hard rock
CPKW-1825 Φ1800x2500 650 100 3—6 300—350 630 59300
CPKWZ-1821 Φ1810x2100 470 250 0—30 750—850 450*2 65560

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