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Gyratory Crusher

CPXL Gyratory Crusher

The gyratory crusher we developed is a novel crusher which combines all properties of gyratory crushers from various companies. This gyratory crusher has a large dip angle crushing cavity and a longer crushing plane. Liner plates made from special materials contribute to a bigger crushing capability of the crusher and a longer service life span of liner plates. 

Product Specifications

I.Features of CPXL Gyratory Crusher

1. The crushing cavity has a large angle of inclination and longer crushing surface. This ensures higher efficiency, continuous crushing and bigger capacity.
2. The unique crushing cavity design makes discharge more smooth, increases the crushing capacity, and reduces abrasion of side plate.
3. Spiral bevel gear transmission design brings great loading capacity, smooth running and low noise.
4. Hydraulic device adjusts the discharge opening size, reducing the intensity of labor.
5. Equipped piston-type accumulator provides overload protection.
6. Effective dust sealing; Assembled with a positive pressure air blower, no dust falls into the eccentric and driving device.
7. Crusher designed with high strength and steady frame can be fed directly by the conveying machine and work perfectly well in harsh environments.
8. The indicating system of the main shaft can monitor discharge opening size.

9. Auto-control hydraulic and lubrication system.

II.Specifications of CPXL Gyratory Crusher

Model Feed Opening Width(mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Bottom Diameter (mm) Adjustable Range of Discharge Opening(mm)      Capacity
(excluding motor)
CPXL-4265 1040 800 1600 140-175 1635-2320 315 127800
CPXL-5065 1210 1000 1640 150-175 2245-2760 355 155700
CPXL-5475 1400 1200 2200 150-200 2555-3385 450 246200
CPXL-6275 1600 1350 2500 150-200 2575-3720 450 304500
CPXL-6089 1600 1350 2500 165-230 4100-5550 600 389500

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