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Dressing and Smelting Technology and Equipment Conference in Kunming

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 In order to strengthen the integrated development and technical application of high-efficient intelligent practical technology and equipment of mining, dressing and smelting, from April 11th to 13th, Kunming Engineering & Research Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy Co., Ltd grandly hosted the second National Nonferrous Metals Practical Mining, Dressing and Smelting Technology and Equipment Conference in Kunming.



      Mining investing and financing units in various provinces and cities, famous industry experts, professors, executives from large and medium-sized mining enterprises and groups, and experts who select relative equipment and technology attended this conference to discuss and spread high-efficient mining, beneficiation design and equipment technology together, and share the practical outcomes and experience about mine design units decreasing cost and increasing benefits.  As one of the invitees, Unitruston cooperated with other industry elites about this project in good faith




        2017 is the second year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the important year for the industry development. Confronted with the challenges of increasing pressure on the industry, the serious price fluctuation and the dramatic benefit decline under economic circumstance, various enterprises in the nonferrous metals industry are led by the 13th Five-Year outline of development plan, positively establishing and implementing innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing development concept. They have formed some new thinkings and methods about promoting the construction and development of nonferrous metals industry, improving the prosperous index system of nonferrous metals industry, expanding the scope of nonferrous metals application and  contributing to a better quality standard system. In this way, some new breakthroughs and new bright spots also emerged.



      Vice President Dr. Wu Bo from Shanghai Unitruston Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was invited to attend this conference. He made a speech about “Intelligent Crushing and Screening Plant and Intelligent Mine Production Control System”, and shared with conferees about the latest IOT technology achievement researched by Unitruston Intelligent.



      He said that with the important opportunities of the 13th Five-Year Plan, “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and “Made in China 2025”, intelligent crushing and screening equipment also faced with challenges. We must develop a complete industrial chain, exploit its advantages to the full, eliminate the break in equipment technology links of the industrial chain and make efforts to look for benefits in the connection of the industrial chain by the integration of mining market. Apart from it, we should improve our own core intelligent technology, expand the supplementary service scope, and cooperate with the second and tertiary industry to promote the rapid development of intelligent crushing and screening equipment.



Now, intelligent products, individual customization, flexible service and diverse multi-level demands are the industry key points. Unitruston Intelligent can make a deep integration and integrated innovation of integrate production equipment, dispatch and control core system, IOT, big data, calculation, artificial intelligence and other new generation of information technology. Through the all-direction accurate monitoring, control and protection on mechanical and electrical parts, intelligent fault diagnosis and location, equipment and production self-decision and intelligent integration of intelligent single machine by production technology self-optimization to achieve intelligence of plant equipment.

In order to change from production-oriented manufacture to service-oriented manufacture completely, innovate business patterns and improve value-added service ability, our company has developed some platform services like full process equipment intelligent management platform and product quality intelligent control platform, which is based on remote monitoring and moving monitoring technology of industry cloud, digital equipment maintenance and intelligent application of production fault diagnosis.



          Dr. Wu emphasized that Unitruston would devote to IOT Intelligent Technology application in the industry of machinery and equipment, offering information, intelligent technology, equipment and service, and the comprehensive solution of mechanical equipment manufacture informationalization and servitization for mechanical equipment design, manufacture and users. We would always provide excellent products for nonferrous metals mining, dressing and smelting, contributing to the development and upgrading of nonferrous metals industry




This conference efficiently promoted broad mining, dressing and smelting workers to solidify and cooperate better, strengthening the nonferrous metals mining, dressing and smelting theoretical research, technology innovation and engineering application. Conferees communicated with each other fully and appreciated the superiority of Unitruston intelligent professional mining equipment.


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