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Apart from equipment, service is also important

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Apart from equipment, service is also important
In today’s competitive industry, Truston attaches importance to product as well as service according to Chinese special market. Apart from increasing core competitive power of products, various investment and excellent brand service is also an invisible treasure for enterprises. It can bring trust for customer and form a good circulation to promote enterprise development. This service competitive power based on the management ability of enterprise is unique. So it is the important factor that makes Truston distinctive from other enterprises.

Truston offers complete service. We pay attention to difficulties of customer in every period. Because we believe that trust creates value for us, responsibility creates value for customers.
Perfect pre-sale service-- ensure professional design
Truston offers free site visiting service, including material detection, site evaluation, analysis report and project instruction, to make design meet customers’ requirements.
Professional design-- make your investment worth extra money
Based on the professional site visiting result, Truston supplies professional complete solution for customers. In Truston, we cherish the investment of customers and make them obtain more investment benefit by our professional ability and strong sense of responsibility.
Detailed ROI Analysis-- precise evaluation on future benefits
We have a deep understanding of mining project because of the vast experience. Truston offers detailed ROI analysis for customers, which shows project cost in detail, gives the best investment advices and evaluates value of a production line exactly.
Project reconstruction solution- make old production line create more value
For customers who have production line, we offer professional production line reconstruction service according to our rich market experience. That means high performance equipment replaces old equipment to enhance the output of old production line and make customers obtain great profit with less investment.
1. Old equipment will be replaced. High performance equipment will increase the output of production line greatly.
2. Production reform means that produce more products with high value according to market demands and create more profit of the whole production line.
Installation training instruction-- production line operating management can be easy
We offer perfect installation training instruction service for customers. Customers would get instruction during the whole process of equipment installation and production line testing to ensure the normal operation.
Truston will always insist on the service principle that trust creates value for us, responsibility creates value for customers.



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